Werner Krauss

Freelancer. Does PHP since 1998 and uses Silverstripe since 2009. Runs different customer websites and his main project, www.hallstatt.net with it.

When he's not in front of his laptop he enjoys family and playing his guitar.

Posts by Werner Krauss for Blog:

More Speed with PHP7 on SilverStripe 3

Unfortunately SilverStripe 3 doesn't work with PHP7 out of the box due to some naming conflicts with newly reserved words. Some community members already fixed the problem.
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Fluent and Partial Caching

Fluent is a great SilverStripe module for translating sites, that need the same tree for all locales. Unfortunately there are some pitfalls with partial caching.
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Speed up a vagrant machine on windows

Vagrant is a great tool for developing a SilverStripe site, it's easy to set up a new VM for each project.
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Show filenames in templates for debugging

SilverStripe's template engine hides by default names of templates. While developing and debugging template stuff you'd like to see them in your rendered page.
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Block javascript in template

Everyone knows that Requirements::block('/path/to/javascript.js'); in php blocks this file from being loaded. This is important to e.g. require a newer version of jQuery.
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Easier coding with PHPStorm templates

If you're using PHPStorm or Intellij IDEA you might know, that you can use some templates to ease your work.
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$_FILE_TO_URL_MAPPING and symlinks

Howto solve "[Warning] Director::protocolAndHost() lacks sufficient information - HTTP_HOST not set" when your webroot is symlinked to the latest release?

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Setters done right

In case you're a fan of addding setters to your class or DataExtension avoid some simple pitfalls.
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LogicException: getItemPath returned null for ClassName

When writing unit tests, sometimes you have a hard time to get them working. Today the error "LogicException: getItemPath returned null for ClassName" drove me crazy, but I found a solution.
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How to move all Pages and DataObjects from Main Site to a Subsite

In case you want to move "Everything (tm)" from Main Site to a Subsite, there is no ready-to-use task available.
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