If you wonder what's going on here... well, some guys hanging around on IRC all the time blog about their favourite topic, SilverStripe PHP Framework, and everything related.

The main goal is to save those little snippets and "a-ha" moments while developing and helping out others on IRC.

If you are interested in sharing your SilverStripe or web programming related knowledge you are invited to post there. Send us an email to info<at>silverstrip.es and we can give you access to the blog or we can post a guest article for you.


Barry and Werner

Latest Blog Posts:

Fixing MySQL 5.7 troubles easily

Many hosters are now updating their machines to use MySQL 5.7. A minor update doesn't sound that bad, unfortunately one small change in MySQL's default config can cause major headaches...
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Getting the new SilverStripe pattern library running

When SilverStripe 4.1 came out I read an interesting note in the changelog about the new pattern library.
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SS4: add HTML to a FormField label

Everyone knows that "Terms and Conditions" checkbox in forms. "By signing up you agree to..." with a link to the terms and condiditions.
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SS4: Replacement for good ol’ $ThemeDir: or loading themed resources

The upgrade to SS4.1 has changed how themed resources (and any other resources) need to be loaded. They will need to be loaded from the public/resources/ directory now.
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SS4: Uncaught TypeError on dev/build

I updated a project to SilverStripe 4.1 on an older development VM. When running dev/build I got an error:
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