Modeladmin: Sorting gridfield automatically

Sometimes you want to sort your gridfield in ModelAdmin by default when you have a sorting column in your DataObject. In my case the column is called SortOrder, so overwriting getEditForm() (which generates the grid) with this snippet in the ModelAdmin subclass does the trick:

	public function getEditForm($id = null, $fields = null) {
		$form=parent::getEditForm($id, $fields);

		$model = singleton($this->modelClass);

		/** add sorting if we have a field for... */
		if (class_exists('GridFieldSortableRows')
			&& $model->hasField('SortOrder')
			&& $gridField=$form->Fields()->dataFieldByName($this->sanitiseClassName($this->modelClass))) {
			if($gridField instanceof GridField) {
				$gridField->getConfig()->addComponent(new GridFieldSortableRows('SortOrder'));

		return $form;

The GridFieldSortableRows class is part of the SortableGridField module.

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